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Uncover how this successful auto shop recovered from a mistake that almost cost their business.

A&W Firestone is a car repair and maintenance shop based in Florida. Since 1996, they have proudly served thousands of customers. By choosing the right business decisions, including cutting off causes that was hitting the company's steady growth, it was able to steer itself to persist and remain today.

The Challenge

Given the nature of business, it was not uncommon for A&W Firestone to have a considerable amount of credit card paying customers. That meant ensuring whichever processor they chose had competitive rates to help cut their costs and increase their profit. Unfortunately, its previous payment processor was charging them 2.95% with a monthly fee of $100.

The Solution

Honor decreased A&W Firestone’s rate from 2.95% to 0% - resulting in thousands of dollars in savings. On top of this, Honor cut their monthly fees from $100 to only $30. Now, they can earn more while paying less.

The Result

Due to the massive cuts in expenses, Honor helped A&W Firestone save an average of $10,800 per year, an amount that can then be utilized to reinvest back into their business to help further their growth and bottom line.


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