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Find out how this coffee shop increased sales by 25% doing this one thing.

The Coffee Shoppe is a small, family-owned diner that has been in business for decades. Eventually, the need to scale and improve operations became necessary and unavoidable. After overcoming their initial anxieties, their choice in payment processor allowed them to bring in more customers and create happier employees.

The Challenge

Fees were the biggest concern for The Coffee Shoppe, as they are just a small diner - so margins were understandably tight. They were also experiencing inadequacies in how their servers were being tipped, leading to employees that were less incentivized to do their job.

The Solution

With all these challenges in mind, Honor offered what The Coffee Shoppe had been looking for – a Cash Discount Program, allowing them to have a 0% processing rate and a system that simplified tipping.

The Result

Because of this, not only did The Coffee Shoppe avoid processing fees, but their sales increased by 25% in the first year, as they were now able to accept credit card payments. At the same time, the performance of the servers also dramatically improved, as they were now earning double their original income due to the simplification of the tipping system implemented by Honor.


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