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Stop letting $1,000s in fees be taken from you. This multi-million dollar business did, & here's how

David Scott Lee Buick GMC is a successful car dealership that has been family-owned since 1946. Being a multi-million dollar business, the Lees wanted to maximize profits while maintaining their quality & service. By implementing more an efficient payment processing solution, they were able to do just that. See below.

The Challenge

The dealership had 2 strategies for becoming a more profitable business: 1) decrease processing fees and 2) establish a more efficient way to collect payments beyond the four corners of their office. Understandably, they were concerned about the transition from one processor to another. The Lees wanted to keep costs at a minimum and retain their standard operating procedures as much as possible.

The Solution

Honor provided the dealership with a much lower rate compared to competitors and even honored their request to keep using their current equipment and software. They also introduced a way for employees to accept payments from their customers straight from the car lot, as opposed to their original method of taking customers back inside and having them wait at a desk.

The Result

With their requested updated Clover devices supplied by Honor, they were able to send their employees out in the lot and take payments from their customers anytime, anywhere. This greatly improved the quality of their service and their overall customer satisfaction. It also made their payment processing much more seamless and trackable.

With Honor, the Lee family business now saves over $6,300 every year.


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