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This Is How a Popular High-End Seafood Restaurant Saves $150,000 Every Year

Open since 1979, Harbor Docks is a high-end seafood restaurant mainly based in Destin, Florida with branches in over 14 other locations. Their seafood is locally and freshly sourced from their wholesale market, and they have emerged as one of the best local seafood restaurants in the city. By adopting the changes in the world and their persistence to value customers first, they were able to save more than they could imagine.

The Challenge

Harbor Docks’ unceasing success and growth, combined with the recent emergence of new technology in payment processing, has forced them to adapt while maintaining their momentum. They were looking to do so by saving as much money as possible on their processing costs while upholding their emphasis on customer experience.

The Solution

Harbor Docks chose to partner with Honor Processing to process its customers’ credit card payments. Honor offered Harbor Docks the lowest possible rate while encouraging the business's continued trajectory towards becoming one of the most notable seafood restaurants in the state.

The Result

Thanks to Honor’s low rate and high expertise, Harbor Docks saves approximately $150,000 every year from all of its 15 restaurant locations.


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