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Optimize your Mobile Operation.

Easily sell, manage, report, & grow -
any time, anywhere.

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Honor Promotional Retail Tool
Save Customer Information

Manage Inventory:

Maximize Profits, with Minimal Effort.

Honor Retail Inventory Management

Track your inventory & best sellers in real time

Access reports anywhere with automatic cloud syncing

Receive notifications when inventory runs low

Manage & grow your business with custom reports

Track Employees:

Monitor & Reward Hard-Working Staff.

Track total number of sales by employee

Track total dollar amount of sales by employee

View tip amount collected by each employee

Customize reports for any time period

Easily monitor desired employee metrics

Honor Employee Tracking
Manage Inventory
Track Employees

View Custom Reports:
Review & Improve your Performance.

Honor Retail Reporting

Easily create custom reports on demand

Upload reports directly to Quickbooks, Excel, or other

accounting software 

Simplify tax time & increase overall reporting efficiency

View Custom Reports

Launch Promotions:

Sell More with Simplified Discounts.

Honor Retail Promotions

Increase sales with present discounts

Name your promotions to boost marketing

Print special offers on your receipts

Easily offer discounts on individual items

Set up storewide sales

Launch Promotions

Save Customer Information:

Enhance Customer Retention & Satisfaction.

Honor Processing Customer Retention

Save customer contact info in one convenient place

Keep customers' card on file to bill over the phone or in advance

Track customer purchase history

Deliver a more consistent & superior guest experience

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Save Customer Information
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