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Innovative Solutions to Payment Processing

Lower processing rates. Guaranteed.

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"I cannot thank Honor enough for its unmatched customer service and unbeatable pricing.  They made the switch quick and simple and now I am saving thousands every month!"
Leslie / The Sea Store

Harbor Docks Chain

Honor saves the popular restaurant chain, Harbor Docks, over $150,000 each year for their combined 15 locations. 

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A&W Firestone

Honor reduced A&W Firestone’s rate from 2.95% to 0%, lowered their monthly fees from $100 per month to $30, and, as a result, now saves them an average of $10,800 per year. 



The small, family-owned diner, The Coffee Shoppe, had never accepted credit payments in their decades of business due to their fear of fees.  Honor set them up with their cash discount program (a 0% processing rate) and increased their business’s sales by 25% in the first year with servers boasting that they now make double their income thanks to an increase in simplified tipping.

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See how we can help business just like yours.


Harbor Docks Chain

We save the popular restaurant chain, Harbor Docks, over $150,000 each year for their combined 15 locations. 

Over $150,000

in savings per year.

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David Scott Lee Buick GMC

We provide them a yearly savings of about $6,300 while allowing them to keep all of their original equipment & software systems in place.  More savings, without the hassle of change. 

Kept all their original hardware & now saves $6,300 per year.

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A&W Firestone

We reduced their rate from 2.95% to 0%, lowered their monthly fees from $100 per month to $30, and, as a result, now save them an average of $10,800 per year. 

Reduced their rate from 2.95% to 0%.


Chuck's Fish

We save them approximately $12,000 per month - that is about $24,000 a year in savings!

Saves over $12,000 per month with us.

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The Coffee Shoppe

Having never accepted credit cards before, we set them up with our cash discount program (a 0% rate) & increased their business’s sales by 25% with servers boasting that they now make double their income.

Increased their sales by 25% in one year.



We save Camille’s, a small, local eatery, $1,100 every month.  That is $13,200 in savings each year!

Able to reinvest their $13,200 in savings back into their business.

Spend Less. Earn More.

Honor Processing
Honor Processing Equipment

Regardless of your business's industry or size, our experts will tailor a processing plan that best suits your needs.

0% Processing Fees? Done.

Updated POS Equipment? Easy.

Niche-Specific Software Tools? Of course.

We aren't satisfied until you are.

Payment processing built to complement your business's budget.

Receive Industry-Specific Solutions

Virtual or Mobile Payments?

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The simpler it is to accept payments, the easier it is to retain customers.

That is why we offer businesses like yours the easiest, most innovative payment solutions in the industry.  

Whether you’re a business on-the-go or simply looking to upgrade from the antiquated methods of checks, cash, and PayPal, we have your answer.

Integrate Seamlessly with QuickBooks

Same QuickBooks. Lower Rate.

No one likes changing their software.

Honor enables you to continue using your QuickBooks account for reporting & invoicing while reducing your rate from 2.9% to 0%.

You can save hundreds without even noticing a difference.

Honor Quickbooks Integration
Honor Quickbooks Integration
QuickBooks Integration

Order Discounted POS Devices

Sleek, Affordable, & One Click Away.

Honor Processing and Vend

In need of an upgrade? Look no further.

While we will deliver the larger POS devices to your business pre-configured. Feel free to order your additional payment accessories through our website.

Instantly enhance your checkout process by selecting a device that fits your needs, your taste, & your price range.   

Grow Your Business

To accept payments, you

need customers first.

Increase your business's revenue by improving your brand awareness.

Whether you want to sell online or in-stores, you are going to need a website that generates quality traffic.

Digital marketing brings you the customers, our processing brings you their money. 

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Trusted Regionally. Expanding Nationally.

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9  States. 100s of Merchants.

1,000s of Dollars Saved.

What do we offer that industry titans, such as Square, cannot?

Unmatched Customer Service.

No Hidden Fees.

No Binding Contracts.

We take pride in our ability to save business owners hundreds of dollars each month.

But more than that, we are honored to be able to provide a service that is simple, reliable, & affordable.

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